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YouTube TV hikes prices for new subscribers, adds missing Turner channels like CNN & Cartoon Network

Google's YouTube TV on Wednesday announced the long-awaited addition of Turner networks to its lineup, though new subscribers will soon have to pay a higher monthly fee.

The added channels include the likes of CNN, TBS, TNT, truTV, Turner Classic Movies, and Cartoon Network/Adult Swim. Until now YouTube TV has concentrated on the four major U.S. broadcast networks — ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox — as well as associated channels.

Subscribers will also soon be able to watch NBA TV and the MLB Network as part of the base package, and NBA League Pass and MLB.TV for an extra fee.

The catch is that starting on March 13, new subscriptions will cost $40 per month. People signed up before then will still be able to pay $35, even with the higher number of bundled channels.

The service now has clients on a number of platforms, including the iPhone and iPad, and more recently the Apple TV. Other supported options include Android, Chromecast, Roku, the Xbox One, and some non-Android TVs.

Still absent from YouTube TV are Viacom channels like Comedy Central.