Microsoft 'Photos Companion' iPhone app allows for easy transfer of pictures to Windows 10 PC

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Seeing a need in education, Microsoft has developed an app to pull all the pictures off multiple iPhones and mobile devices and store them locally on a central Windows 10 machine.

Microsoft's "Photos Companion" was developed after the company witnessed students capturing images and videos in a classroom setting during the Windows 10 re-design. The company saw difficulty in getting the content that students had captured with personal iPhones and Android devices to a central project PC.

The new app supports direct wireless transfer between any mobile device and the Photos app on a Windows 10 PC. It does not isolate one user's photos from another, so there may be privacy concerns, but the app isn't intended to sweep a device clean, with the transfer of select photos initiated from the mobile device, and not the computer.

To transfer, users scan the QR code that the computer's Photos app presents. Photos for transfer are then selected on the device, and the photos and videos are then sent to the PC over wi-fi.

The app itself is small, requiring only link text">28MB of storage space, and is compatible with any iOS device capable of running iOS 10.2.


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