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'Made For i' branding may be shifting focus from iPod to iPhone and iPad

Apple appears to be in the midst of slightly changing the "Made For i" program iconography, with new graphics signifying if a device is made for an iPhone, the iPhone and iPad, or the entire iOS lineup.

According to information provided to Chargerlab, the single icon signifying universal iOS compatibility is being retired, and is being replaced by one of three new MFi placards. If the information is accurate, manufacturers have 90 days to update packaging with the new graphics — but devices already in the retail chain are likely not subject to the change requirements.

AppleInsider was not able to confirm the change on Saturday afternoon, nor has Apple's page on the matter been updated to reflect any alteration.

The "Made for i" or "MFi" program was originally launched in 2005 for iPod accessories. The program equips third party manufacturers with authorized hardware components, tools, documentation, technical support, and the ubiquitous Made for iPhone, Made for iPad, and Made for iPod certification logos seen on officially-sanctioned accessories hanging in Apple's venues and other retail stores.