Apple debuts new iTunes promotional graphics with iOS-style star icon

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Apple in an email to iTunes Affiliate Program members on Tuesday announced the introduction of revamped promotional assets including a new badge, text lockup and iTunes star icon, the latter being a play on the iOS 11 iTunes app.

The new creative assets are part of Apple never-ending push to streamline and update promotional material for its many hardware, software and content offerings.

Seen above, the new iTunes Store assets incorporate graphics introduced with iOS 11 in September. Notably, the Apple logo has been replaced by an icon bearing a white star overlaid onto a purple gradient background. Text accompanying the icon reads, "Buy on iTunes Store," "Get it on iTunes Store" and "Pre-order on iTunes Store."

Both black and white variants of the iTunes Store asset are available for download and use by affiliates promoting their content.

Compared to the Apple logo, the new iTunes star icon is a better fit for social media posts and in apps where the long rectangular badge does not fit, the company says.

In addition to iTunes, Apple reiterates recent changes made to Apple Music branding badge, which now feature an iOS 11-style Apple Music icon and the text "Listen on Apple Music."

In its email, the company also reminds affiliates of commission rate changes to iTunes Music and Apple Music. For iTunes, the rate is being lowered to 2.5 percent, bringing music commissions in line with identical changes made to the App Store last year.

In a marketing thrust for Apple Music, Apple is increasing commissions for the streaming service to a one-time 100 percent on the first paid month of a user's subscription. That figure is double the current rate of 50 percent.

The commission rate modifications go into effect on April 5, 2018.

Finally, Apple points affiliates looking for additional information to its official Affiliate Resource website and updated Identity Guidelines page.


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