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Google's Advanced Protection Program gains support for native iPhone & iPad apps

Google's Advanced Protection Program — intended strictly for people needing maximum account security, such as journalists, activists, and politicians — now supports iOS' core Mail, Calendar, and Contacts apps.

The upgrade means that iPhone and iPad owners wanting Advanced Protection can use Google services outside of that company's official iOS apps. The program normally blocks any non-Google software from accessing data.

Enrolled customers must sign into Apple's apps using a Google account, at which point they'll receive details on how to complete their login.

Advanced Protection forces the use of a physical Security Key to sign into an account on a new device, or after an existing device has been logged out. Account recovery in general is more complex, making it harder for attackers to impersonate users and seize control.

The system is not at all intended for the public, since it not only costs extra money but disables two-step verification, which is typically more convenient and secure enough for the average person.