Grab up to a $25 cash bonus on Apple trade-ins ahead of WWDC 2018

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As WWDC 2018 approaches, now is the time to lock in a price for your used MacBook or iPhone. Take advantage of a $15 to $25 cash bonus on top of competitive rates at Gazelle, and secure a 30-day price lock ahead of anticipated new hardware.

With WWDC 2018 a mere two weeks away, now is the time to trade in your used Apple devices in anticipation of new hardware. Gazelle, a prominent fixture in the buyback world, is offering customers a $25 bonus on all MacBook trade-ins valued at $250 or more. Have an old iPhone that's collecting dust? Gazelle is also handing out $15 bonuses on iPhone trade-ins valued at $150 or more.

Each offer is link activated, so you have to click through one of the offers below to activate the corresponding deal. Only one trade-in bonus will automatically apply at checkout when the link is clicked, but it's an easy way to free up cash for new hardware rumored to be announced at WWDC 2018. Each deal ends May 27.

Gazelle bonus deals

How to trade in your Mac or iPhone for cash in minutes at Gazelle

Step 1: To begin the process of trading in your iPhone or Mac at Gazelle, identify your current device from Gazelle's website (by selecting your model, capacity and/or carrier) and then quickly assess its condition — broken, good, or flawless. Gazelle will then provide you with an immediate cash offer quote. Click the orange "Get Paid" button to continue with the process to lock in the trade-in value for up to 30 days. Remember, to activate the cash bonus you have to use the special links above.

Gazelle iPhone trade in values

Step 2: You'll then be asked to log in to your Gazelle account (if you have one) or quickly create one (with just an email, name & password). You can then select how you prefer to be paid: by PayPal, check, or in the form of an Amazon Gift Card (receive an extra 3% with this method).

Gazelle device trade-in payment methods

Step 3: Gazelle will then ask for your address so it can send you a pre-paid shipping box (for small electronics with a trade-in value of $30 or more) that you can use to send in your iPhone when you're ready. Alternatively, you can choose to have Gazelle email you a pre-paid shipping label and you can affix it to your own box.

Step 4: Within days, the pre-paid shipping box will show up at your doorstep. Simply place your old device in the box within 30 days and send it off to Gazelle. (You don't need to send in any cords or power plugs, just the device itself.)

Gazelle Trade-in Boxes

Once your device is received, Gazelle will completely wipe the personal data off your phone (if you haven't already) and then return it to its original factory settings. It will then pay you via Paypal, email (for an Amazon Gift Card), or issue a check for the cash value of the device you lock in today.

Using a buyback service like Gazelle in recent years has become an increasingly popular way for consumers to afford upgrading each year to Apple's latest smartphone by offsetting the cost of those new devices with the cash they make from selling their old iPhones during peak buyback season.

Like iPhones, Gazelle also pays out hundreds for your old iPads and MacBooks. It also sells certified, contract-free & unlocked, pre-used iPhones at up to 40% off compared to buying new.

Additional Apple Deals

Apple Price Guides

AppleInsider and Apple authorized resellers are also running a handful of additional exclusive promotions this month on Apple hardware that will not only deliver the lowest prices on many of the items, but also throw in discounts on AppleCare, software and accessories. These deals are as follows:

See if there is a Mac, iPad, Apple Watch or Certified Used iPhone deal that will save you $100s by checking out and


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