Apple Pay debuts in Norway for Santander and Nordea customers

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A day after Apple Pay went live in Poland, Apple on Wednesday activated its mobile payments service in Norway with initial support from Santander Consumer Finance and Nordea.

As usual, Apple updated regional Apple Pay web assets to announce and inform users of the newly available product. Like yesterday's Polish release, Apple's website currently lacks localized graphics and instead pulls images from the U.S. Apple Pay webpage.

At launch, Apple Pay Norway supports two financial institutions in Santander Consumer Finance and Nordea. Whether additional partnerships are being hammered out behind the scenes is unknown, though Santander is one of the largest banks in the region and should cover a significant portion of the populous.

Apple fails to provide users a list of local retail outlets that accept Apple Pay, noting only that iPhone and Apple Watch owners can conduct transactions at point of sale registers displaying either the Apple Pay logo or standard contactless payment symbol. Customers can also make Apple Pay purchases on the web through supported iOS and macOS devices.

Apple first announced future Apple Pay availability in Norway last month when CEO Tim Cook teased a forthcoming expansion that included Poland and Ukraine. The service went live in Poland on Tuesday and in the Ukraine in May.

Apple Pay launched domestically in 2014 through a handful of banks and integrations with major credit card companies. The product has since expanded to a number of countries around the world, including major markets like Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Russia and the U.K. With today's availability, Apple's fledgling payments service is available to iPhone, Apple Watch and Mac users in 24 territories.


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