Apple's new ads sell 2018 iPad as fix for everyday problems

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Apple on Monday debuted four new video ads for the 9.7-inch iPad, looking to brand the tablet as a solution to common problems.

The spots — "All Your Stuff," "Organised Notes," "Paperless Paperwork," and "Travel Simply" — all follow the same visual structure, beginning with the text "iPad + ..." and a top-down shot that pans across people struggling with conventional solutions until the camera gets to someone using an iPad, who is always having an easier time.

Notably the commercials are scattered on Apple's regional YouTube channels rather than its main U.S. feed.

"All Your Stuff" suggests the iPad is easier to pack, while "Organised Notes" claims that it can replace a schooldesk's worth of notebooks. "Paperless Paperwork" makes a similar argument for the office, and finally, "Travel Simply" depicts an iPad as better for planes than a laptop.

Apple has been eager to position both the 9.7-inch iPad and the iPad Pro as practical devices that can replace a laptop or even a desktop PC. It may be particularly motivated now that the 2018 model of the former supports the Apple Pencil.


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