Adobe InDesign & Illustrator upgrades will add direct access to 9,000-plus fonts

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Adobe has announced that upcoming upgrades of InDesign CC and Illustator CC will provide overhauled font interfaces, including direct access to over 9,000 fonts through a Creative Cloud subscription.

Designers will be able to browse and preview the fonts without syncing them, Adobe said. Only once a font is selected will people have to activate and license it if they haven't already.

The updates should also make it easier to filter and sort available fonts, and allow designers to change sample text to display anything they like.

Within InDesign, users will be able delve into the font library by going into the Font menu then clicking a "Find More" tab. There they'll be able to bookmark fonts they want to use later, and alter sample text by choosing it manually or hovering over text in their project.

Adobe hasn't said when the updates will launch, but one of the benefits of a Creative Cloud subscription is that the company is continually rolling out updates, some big and some small.

Plans including InDesign and Illustrator start at $20.99 per month or $239.88 prepaid for an individual app in a year-long subscription. Upping fees to $52.99 per month or $599.88 prepaid gets access to the complete Creative Cloud suite, including titles like Photoshop and XD, plus options for expanded cloud storage beyond the default 100 gigabytes.