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Apple to enable new iPhone eSIMs via software update, iPhone XS boasts faster wireless charging

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With the big announcements out of the way, we take a closer look at a couple of less-prominent features coming to the iPhone XS — dual SIM support and faster wireless charging.

Dual SIM

Apple touted the iPhone XS' ability to support dual SIM cards during its announcement event, sharing a few details in passing.

First, the solution will require one SIM card slot, with users inserting a physical SIM that is to be accompanied by Apple's eSIM technology. The company currently uses eSIM tech in both the iPad and the Apple Watch, and is bringing it to iPhone for the first time.

Dual SIM

As predicted by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone XS supports Dual SIM Dual Standby (DSDS), wherein the phone automatically activates a particular SIM card as a call comes in. The active line will even be denoted below in the incoming number. DSDS technology provides a number of benefits to end users, the most obvious being the ability to travel across borders or coverage zones without swapping SIM cards.

Users in China will have to use two physical SIM cards — one inserted on each side of iPhone's SIM card slot — as Apple does not have approval to launch its eSIM in the country.

Unfortunately for those looking forward to the dual SIM capabilities, a small footnote on Apple's site reveals eSIM functionality will be disabled at launch. The company says it will activate the feature through a future iOS 12 software update, but fails to provide a specific timeline for release.

Wireless charging

On an unrelated note, the new iPhone XS and XS Max will be capable of charging at faster rates than iPhone X when paired with compatible wireless chargers. The exact increase in power is still unknown, but could likely be 9W or 10W, both of which are common output levels for Qi chargers.

Apple didn't mention the speed increase — or wireless charging at all — on stage during the event, likely due to what is presumes to be problems getting its AirPower mat to market. The device, which was announced at last year's iPhone event, but has yet to see release, was completely scrubbed from Apple's website post-event.

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