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Compare the iPhone XS and iPhone XR versus the size of other iPhones with this printable guide

There are a lot of possible screen sizes for the iPhone. AppleInsider shows you exactly the size of the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR — and how they compare to other recent models.

You've had this conversation, we've had this conversation: the iPhone SE is tiny and it's a shame there's no longer any iPhone that small. Except if you actually compare the iPhone SE with, say, the iPhone X, then the difference is startling. For all that huge screen on the iPhone X, the case isn't truly that much bigger than that of the iPhone SE.

It's something you have to see to really have a good feeling for it — and it's something you need to know before you buy.

So here's the AppleInsider guide to iPhone sizes. We've included the iPhone SE and the iPhone X for comparison but otherwise this is every current iPhone model.

Inside the PDF you'll find full-size photographs of each model and you can print them out to compare. Download the embedded PDF below, or download from AppleInsider directly, and print it out. We've got a scale on each page that you should measure after you print, as characteristics of printers and drivers can vary somewhat. Scale accordingly.

Detail from the AppleInsider iPhone Size Guide

On the front cover, though, there is a guide to all nine iPhones covered: it's a graphic scaled to exactly 50 percent size so you can see for yourself just how the entire range varies.

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