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Woman in Apple Park 'Mission: Impossible' video took the long way around

The woman who brought a clicker to CEO Tim Cook in the intro video for the Sept. 12 iPhone event took an especially long detour through Apple Park, according to a designer with the company.

Despite starting near the south entrance of the main ring — a relatively short distance from the Steve Jobs Theater — the woman instead appears to have gone northwest, Edward Sanchez noted on Twitter. Even after running across a pond in the right direction, she needlessly veered off again through Caffe Macs before getting on the right track.

"She must be new at Apple Park — I probably took similar routes in my first week here," Sanchez commented.

Sept. 12 intro video

The detour was likely meant to show off Apple Park, which was still unfinished at last year's iPhone event and only became the company's official corporate address this February. The complex was in development for several years, and in fact some of its design concepts stem from former CEO Steve Jobs.

The facility should be able to handle some 12,000 workers, and has a number of unusual features such as enormous panes of curved glass, widespread rooftop solar panels, and floor-to-ceiling motorized doors in front of the cafeteria. The Steve Jobs Theater is actually built underground, reachable via a staircase and a corkscrew elevator seen in yesterday's video.

Apple used the event to reveal the iPhone XS and XS Max, as well as the iPhone XR and the Apple Watch Series 4. The intro video explains a since-deleted Twitter post by Cook, captured below, which was originally interpreted as a misreply to a direct message.

Cook's fake tweet

At least she ran the whole way, like Tom Cruise does.