Samsung teases mystery Galaxy device launch promising '4X fun' in October

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Samsung is preparing to launch new Galaxy devices, inviting members of the media to an event on October 11 that offers few clues about the inbound hardware, except for a hint that it will be "4x fun."

The invitation, posted to Samsung's global PR site, advises of the existence of "A Galaxy Event," but without any suggestion as to what to expect. The invitation doesn't mention a location or a time the event will occur on October 11, but that it would be streamed through Samsung's websites.

There are some clues for what the event will be about, albeit limiting in terms of what they could relate to. The invitation is filed under the PR site's "Mobile" product category and will also be streamed through Samsung's mobile-specific press site, which could mean something smartphone-related.

The text accompanying the invitation image suggests the device will bring "more ways to express yourself than ever before," and asks interested parties to "capture the fun," with both elements potentially pointing to something imaging-related, such as a smartphone's camera or a standalone camera.

The "4X fun" could relate to a number of different possible features in assorted devices, also making it hard to pin down. If considered in relation to an imaging device, this could signify a 4-times optical zoom in a camera, a high magnification that smartphones typically do not achieve without resorting to digital zooms.

It seems unlikely that Samsung will use the event to launch a new smartphone in the Galaxy range, as it typically does not launch new devices in the product line at this time of year. The South Korean firm's most recent launch of this type was the Galaxy Note 9 in August, while the Galaxy S9 landed in February, periods that Samsung typically launches the respective device upgrades.

Another possibility is for Samsung to reveal its long-rumored foldable smartphone. CEO DJ Koh said on September 4 that details of the device would be introduced before the end of the year, but at the time noted it was possibly going to be shown off during November's Samsung Developers Conference.

Samsung does use the Galaxy branding for other devices, including the Galaxy Home smart speaker, tablets, and at one time for the Gear smartwatch line before its rebranding.

One other possible device it could be is another attempt at a camera. The company produced three cameras between 2012 and 2014, including the mirrorless interchangeable lens camera the Galaxy NX in 2013, with all leveraging Android and smartphone technology to provide smartphone-like features and a familiar interface.