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Hands on with Apple's ornate gold Milanese loop for the Apple Watch

To go with the stunning new gold finishes of the Apple Watch Series 4, Apple has introduced a new gold option to their lineup of Milanese loop bands, and we've got one.

AppleInsider strapped on Apple's latest band to our new Apple Watch to take them for a spin.

Modern design

From a physical standpoint, nothing has changed compared to the silver or Space Black versions. It is still made of stainless steel, woven on custom Italian machines. The clasp has a perfectly tuned magnet that holds its place but is easy to remove at the end of the day. A small silicone ring helps keep its spot during the day and prevents any metal-on-metal scratches.

The ends of the lugs are a polished stainless steel, while the front is more matte. Apple Watch Series 4 comes in gold aluminum and gold stainless steel, and this is clearly designed for the stainless model. If attached to the aluminum model, it will look great, but there will be the subtle differentiation between the two finishes. It most likely won't be noticed when worn, other than perhaps by the wearer.

Gold Milanese Loop

We've worn Apple's Milanese Loop bands for many years, and they are some of the most comfortable around. They can be infinitely adjusted for the exact fit, and the movement of the mesh makes them far more comfortable than other, stiffer, bands.

The only downsides to a loop-style band are the limitations when it comes to docks. It can't lay flat on a dock, and instead must have access for the remainder of the band to wrap around behind the charger.

Gold Milanese Loop

One of the biggest hurdles for potential purchasers will be the price, especially when comparing to cheap options on Amazon. But, when compared side-to-side, there is a stark difference. Amazon models typically have a looser weave, aluminum lugs, non-matching finishes, and a higher likelihood of the finish scratching off and losing its color and luster.

The difference between a cheap clone and Apple's version can be felt immediately when holding the two models in your hands.

Where to buy

Apple's Gold Milanese Loop comes in 40mm and 44mm sizes - though it will fit the 38mm and 42mm models as well. It can be picked up now from Best Buy for $149.99 in either size.