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Apple again touts size in new 'Growth Spurt' ad for iPhone XS Max

Apple on Friday debuted a new ad for the iPhone XS Max, "Growth Spurt," once again dwelling on the theme of size in marketing the XS line's flagship.

Giant Corgi

The commercial features people taking photos with the Max or watching video content on its screen, the simple act of which causes people, animals and objects to become enormous in real life. It ends with an entire city growing, and the tagline "Everything you love just got bigger."

Apple has concentrated on display size in ads well before the XS and XS Max even launched. The XS has a relatively standard 5.8-inch screen, but the Max is 6.5 inches, making it not just Apple's biggest smartphone to date but one of the largest on the market overall.

An upcoming mid-range phone, the iPhone XR, will be nearly as big at 6.1 inches.

Apple was once infamously resistant to build an iPhone over four inches, insisting that it was better if people could reach every corner of the screen with one hand. It caved with 2014's iPhone 6 and 6 Plus after realizing it was losing ground to Android phones, many of which were already five inches or more.