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Latest iOS 12.1 beta fixes sporadic iPhone and iPad recharging issues

A bug in the way iOS 12 handles charging that causes devices to not charge when connected to a power source is on its way to being rectified, with a beta release of iOS 12.1 fixing the problem on iPhones and iPads affected by the issue.

Over the weekend, reports from users revealed an issue with either the iPhone XS or iOS 12, where the iPhone failed to charge. The issue surfaced regardless of charging method, occurring both when power is applied by a Lightning cable to a common wall charger, or by using wireless charging with a Qi charging pad.

In some occasions, users would not see a charging symbol showing power was present, nor would hear the charging chime that plays when recharging commences. In some cases, users were able to force the iPhone to detect a power source by plugging it in, waiting between 10 and 15 seconds, and then waking the device.

The second developer beta for iOS 12.1, released on Tuesday, appears to have fixed the problem. In AppleInsider's tests with an affected iPad Pro and iPhone 7 now running the iOS 12.1 beta, the usual charging notifications sounded every time power was presented to the devices, strongly suggesting that is has been fixed in the beta software release.

It is unclear if the fix will be released earlier than iOS 12.1 in a sub-point release, but it will likely make an appearance as part of the full public release of iOS 12.1, later this fall.