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There are now 100 million active Macs thanks to high number of new adopters

Apple CEO Tim Cook on-stage announcing the 100M active Mac milestone

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Apple has reached a new milestone for the Mac, revealing during its special event that it has an active installed base of over 100 million Macs and MacBooks around the world.

Announced at the start of the "There's More in the Making" event in New York, Apple CEO Tim Cook shared a video with attendees and stream watchers celebrating the creative Mac user. The slideshow featured a number of celebrities and creative professional users, all at work on their Mac.

The 100 million active Mac user milestone was driven by new users starting to use the Mac.

"It's not surprising to see the Mac attract new customers," said Cook. "Over half of Mac buyers are new to the Mac."

According to the company, 51 percent of Mac buyers are new to the platform. In China, the figure grows to 76 percent of Mac purchases.

Cook also advised "What's most important to us, is in survey after survey, the Mac continues to be rated number 1 in customer satisfaction. One of the drivers of customer satisfaction is macOS."

"Our customers love their Macs," the CEO said.

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