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Moment's 58mm Tele Lens enables up to 4x optical zoom on an iPhone XS

Smartphone lens accessory producer Moment has introduced a new 58mm Tele Lens, a second-generation add-on to the iPhone XS and iPhone XR that is capable of providing an increased optical zoom to the rear cameras of each iPhone model.

An update to the original 60mm version, the 58mm Tele Lens is designed for use with modern smartphones, including those with larger sensors than were available for the first telephoto lens' release a few years ago. The new version is built to work with both single and dual-camera systems, allowing it to provide an effective 2x zoom for the single-lens iPhone XR.

When used with a dual-lens system as on an iPhone XS, it can provide a 2x or 4x optical zoom, depending on which of the rear cameras is used. In effect, this ranges between a 58mm focal length that is said to be ideal for portraits, and to over 100mm for sports fans to get shots closer to the action.

The lens is also claimed by Moment to be one of the sharpest available, featuring a six-element, four-group glass design that is also the most glass the company has put into a single lens. This has led to a low distortion of less than 0.75 percent, a 1-percent optical TV distortion, and a lateral chromatic aberration of less than a pixel at the edges of the shot.

The Moment 58mm Tele Lens is on sale for $99.99, but is being made available for $79.99 for a limited time after launch. Cases for the lens are available separately.

Moment advise that the new lens is not compatible with its Original Photo Case or versions using the original mounting system, but will work with all of its new cases. This includes the Battery Photo Cases launched in September, which includes a built-in power source to extend the iPhone's usage time.