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PSA: Be sure to try your USB-C hub on your iPad Pro before buying a new one

Instead of spending a pile of cash on a new USB-C hub for your new iPad Pro, give your existing one a try first, as most will work just fine.

Satechi USB-C iPad Pro hub

Satechi USB-C iPad Pro hub

Apple's adoption of USB-C on the latest batch of iPad Pros has been a boon for productivity, allowing new USB-C peripherals to plug directly into the iPad — no adapter necessary. Some gear out there still needs adapters, however, which is where USB-C hubs come into play.

Accessory makers such as Hyper and Satechi have jumped into this new world of USB-C and have already put forth enticing options that include additional ports, passthrough charging, and SD card readers.

These new hubs are designed for the iPad Pros, matching the design and form factor well, but carry significant price tags. But, anyone who's been using a Retina MacBook or a MacBook Pro after the 2016 redesign may already have a compatible hub on hand.

Because of iOS, certain USB-C accessories still don't work with iPad, but most hubs will assuming the vendor is playing by the rules. So, connect that USB-C hub you may already have to plug in your camera, a keyboard, a power cable, an SD or micro SD card, a microphone, HDMI, headphones, and more to your iPad Pro to make it even more of a pro device.

Keep in mind we're talking about USB 3.1 type C. Your Thunderbolt 3 hubs won't do a thing.

If what you've got doesn't work, jump on in. Hyper and Satechi's new hubs are excellent solutions.

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