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HomeKit-compatible Smart Shades starting gradual roll-out at Ikea

The Fyrtur.

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Swedish giant Ikea is beginning to roll out its first Smart Shades, compatible with Apple HomeKit and other smarthome platforms when paired with the company's Tradfri hub.

Two options are already available in some parts of Europe, the translucent Kadrilj and the opaque Fyrtur. Both are powered by USB-rechargeable battery packs, and come with a wireless remote for control without smart devices.

When paired with a Tradfri hub, the shades will support HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Ikea's own Tradfri app for iPhones and iPads.

Sizes range from 60-by-195 centimeters (23.6-by-76.8 inches) to 140-by-195 centimeters (55.1-by-76.8 inches). European prices range from 99 to 155 euros, or about $113 to $181.

The Kadrilj.
The Kadrilj.

The Smart Shades should see wider availability starting Feb. 2, possibly including the U.S., though that could happen as late as this spring.

Ikea has been slow to step into the smarthome space, but now offers a range of Tradfri-branded plugs, lights, and motion sensors, often costing much less than other HomeKit-compatible options from the likes of Philips or LIFX.

The company even has Bluetooth speakers, battery packs, and wireless chargers, though these don't have any platform integration.

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