Nevada man thanks Siri for surviving serious Jeep crash

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A man who crashed his Jeep near Pahrump, Nev., credits Siri on his iPhone for saving him from paralyzing and potentially fatal injuries.

The Jeep flipped into a dry lake bed, Nate Felix told KSNV, paralyzing most of his body to the point that he couldn't raise his head. Though his dog helped keep him warm, Felix began to worry that he wouldn't survive the night — Pahrump is a desert town, and temperatures can get dangerously cold during winter nights.

He then realized he could make a call through Siri, and tried several contacts. None of these worked until he said, "Hey Siri, call 911," which finally put him in touch with emergency services. iPhones are designed to call emergency services even without activation or when roaming on different networks.

Responders pried open the Jeep's door to pull Felix out, bringing him to a hospital where he spent four days. Doctors discovered he had broken two vertebrae with nerve endings for his arms and hands. Though he's currently restricted to a wheelchair, he's hoping to recover.

Apple regularly promotes the accessibility features of the iPhone for the disabled. One recent example is the case of Scott Leason, a blind U.S. Navy veteran who uses his iPhone XR's VoiceOver feature to prepare for daily surfing lessons.