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New York state begins probe into Apple's FaceTime vulnerability

New York state is launching an investigation into whether Apple failed to properly warn customers about a Group FaceTime vulnerability that allowed people to spy on others.

The probe was announced on Wednesday by Governor Andrew Cuomo and Attorney General Letitia James, Reuters said. In a statement, Cuomo demanded a "full accounting of the facts" to ensure businesses like Apple are following the state's consumer protection laws.

Apple is already facing a private lawsuit in Texas from a lawyer claiming the glitch let someone eavesdrop on a client call. Specifically, he said an intrusion happened while he was taking testimony.

The vulnerability, which extends through iOS 12.1, first gained real publicity on Monday. It was later discovered, however, that Apple had been warned about the problem over a week ago, raising the question of why it didn't respond sooner.

For the time being Apple has disabled Group FaceTime. It's also working on a patch for iOS devices that should go live later this week.