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Apple Music for Android gets Chromebook support, new Browse tab in latest update

Apple on Monday pushed out an update to Apple Music for Android, delivering Chromebook compatibility and user interface tweaks that arrived on iOS last week.

The latest version of Apple Music for Android brings native support to Chromebook for the first time.

Previously, Apple Music compatibility with Chromebook hardware relied on a device's ability to run Android apps. As such, availability of the service varied greatly. With today's update, support for Apple Music is ensured across a wide range of products capable of running the latest Chrome OS release.

The update also delivers a modified Browse tab designed to streamline content discovery.

Introduced on iOS last week, the updated Browse feature enables quick and easy access to music, playlists and other popular browsing options. For example, Apple's Daily Top 100 lists are accessible in Browse, as are special sections like the human-curated "We're Loving" playlist.

Apple says the new Browse tab is designed to emphasize editorial highlights, one of Apple Music's tentpole features.

Finally, today's Android release fixes a number of unspecified bugs.

Apple Music's Android port typically lags behind iOS releases, and was notoriously slow to benefit from new features after it first launched in 2016. More recently, however, Apple has paid closer attention to the app with value-added features like Android Auto integration and native tablet support.

Apple Music for Android is a free 43 megabyte download from the Google Play store.