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Apple signs California initiative promising to narrow gender wage gap

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Apple on Monday was announced as one of 13 inaugural corporate signatories to a state-led campaign that seeks to close the gender pay gap in California, an issue that impacts a range of industries across the nation including the high-paying tech sector.

Called the CA Equal Pay Pledge, the program is backed by a group including the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls, TIME'S UP and California's first partner, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, reports CNBC.

Newsom, wife of California Gov. Gavin Newsom, named Apple as a participant in the effort in a press release.

As part of the campaign, corporations will voluntarily conduct an annual gender pay analysis, review hiring and promotion procedures and promote best practices designed to ensure pay equity for their employees.

Airbnb, AT&T Communications Inc., Autodesk, Branch Metrics, Gusto, Ike Robotics, Medallia Inc., Salesforce, Shutterfly Inc., Square, SunRun and Zynga are also listed as signatories.

"California has the strongest equal pay laws in the nation - but there is still more work to do," Siebel Newsom said. "That's why I applaud these California companies for their commitment to pay equity, and why I am excited to partner with the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls and TIME'S UP to continue to work toward closing the pay gap. Together, we can uplift California women to ensure a more equitable future for all."

The partnership is in line with Apple's view of corporate responsibility. Since 2014, the company has released limited information from mandatory workplace audits, including wages, as part of annual Diversity Reports.

Interestingly, Apple claimed to have reached pay equity in the U.S. in 2016, but noted the issue needs attention on a worldwide basis. At the time, the company said it was scrutinizing salaries, bonuses and stock grants in the effort.