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Comparing the iPhone camera, Apple's 'Underdogs,' Apple Card envy, and more on the AppleInsider Podcast

This week on the AppleInsider Podcast, guest Vlad Savov joins Victor to talk about smartphone cameras, the immediate desire for Apple Card, and what's wrong with glorifying being overworked.

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AppleInsider editor Victor Marks and The Verge editor Vlad Savov discuss:

  • Cameras. Vlad believes that Apple is the best in usability terms, but that the computational photography especially for low-light is better on some Android phones. Victor gets Vlad to talk about why DxOMark ratings aren't helpful.
  • Apple released a video entitled, "The Underdogs". Vlad and Victor both have concerns about what it says about Apple's view of work, overwork, and crunch time.
  • We're card-carrying geeks... but will we carry the Apple Card?
  • Apple's ECG feature launched for Europe and almost immediately, helped a wearer identify atrial fibrillation that had gone unnoticed. Vlad talks about step counting accuracy, and is concerned about false positives. Note: calibrate your Apple Watch for steps, and it's highly accurate.

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