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Alleged photo of 2019 iPhone chassis claims to confirm three camera design

A photograph of a part claimed to be the internal chassis of a 2019 iPhone has been posted on the Chinese social media site Weibo. If accurate, it confirms previous rumours that the next iPhone will have a three-camera system.

A photograph purporting to show the internal rear chassis of a three-camera iPhone has been shown on the Chinese social media site Weibo, alongside a mockup of how such an iPhone would look when completed. While the origin is unknown, the concept fits with previous reports of the 2019 iPhone range adopting a third camera to improve zoom, field of view and low light performance.

The images were posted to Weibo by a user whose name translates as "Geek Village Chief" and was posted at around 4am ET. "Believe it or not?" says the accompanying message.

The chassis photo shows a metal base with cutouts for the three camera lenses arranged in a triangle. There are two further cutouts in the same segment, of which one is likely to be the flash and the second may be a rumored laser scanner.

Left: the purported rear chassis. Right: mockups of how iPhones with this chassis could look.

The two mockups shared by the Wiebo user show the same arrangement of lens, flash and unknown other element, as they may appear on a final iPhone. It features an enlarged rear bump to house these parts.

Apple is expected to launch its next iPhones in September. The range is also rumored to feature the ability for the iPhone to wirelessly charge devices such as AirPods.