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Newest iPhone XR ad promises that 'you'll lose power before it will'

Apple this weekend released a new ad for the iPhone XR, "Up Late," this time using battery life as its key selling point.

The spot features the song "Stay Awake" by Julie Andrews, and depicts people like a parking attendant and a new father struggling to stay conscious. "The longest battery life in an iPhone ever," text claims, adding that "You'll lose power before it will."

In specifications Apple says that the XR's battery should last longer than even the iPhone XS Max, offering up to an hour of extra video playback or two hours of internet access. That's in part because it uses a 1,792-by-828-pixel LCD, whereas the XS line's OLED panels start at 2,436-by-1,125.

The XR is widely believed to be the bestselling 2018 iPhone model, allegedly outselling any other smartphone in North America during the March quarter. It starts at $749 in the U.S., a full $250 less than the XS before any discounts or trade-in credit.

Apple is reportedly working on a successor for this fall, which should include upgrades like a faster processor, a dual-lens rear camera, and possibly new colors.