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These are all the new features found in iOS 12.3

iOS 12.3

Apple has just released iOS 12.3 which like iOS 12.2 before it, contains some major updates to Apple's mobile platform. Here is what you can expect once you download it.

The biggest change found in iOS 12.3, as well as the concurrent tvOS 12.3 update, is the revamped Apple TV app. It got a major overhaul with new features ahead of the introduction of the Apple TV+ streaming service.

That entails a new app icon both on the Home screen and within the Settings app which features a blue gradient on a black background. First launch of the app has a new splash screen introing the changes.

Apple has pared back the number of tabs along the bottom, with Sports and Store being removed and now living elsewhere in the app. Watch Now, Library, and Search are now the tabs available along the bottom. On the Watch Now tab a sliding row of categories is available with the likes of movies, TV shows, sports, and kids.

The remainder of tab has recommendations on what to watch in the "For You" section using new machine learning algorithms that are more accurate than before. This is also where you can find your way to Apple TV Channels. Channels are video sources that live right within the Apple TV app and allow for offline viewing and easy management. It includes big names such as HBO and Showtime as well as many others.

Content can now be purchased right from within the Apple TV app using the "How to Watch" button. A new account button can be found in the top right corner. Trending content now includes both TV as well as movies. There are now Share and Up Next buttons in the upper right corner.

Other changes include support for the Reiwa era of the Japanese calendar, which begins on May 1, 2019. The Wallet app now includes more transactions and the icons were now removed for all transactions other than Apple Pay ones. They all do now include location data, however.

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