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Apple launches UK-only 'Behind the Mac' page promoting Mac music making

In a slightly unusual move Apple has launched a new U.K.-only promo page, "Behind the Mac," selling people on Macs for all stages of music production.

The page touts GarageBand as a beginner tool, and the $199.99 Logic Pro X as a professional suite. It also recommends MainStage 3 for live performances, plus several Mac models and accessories, like Apogee's HypeMiC and the ROLI Songmaker Kit.

Beginning the page is a promo video featuring artists like Paul McCartney, David Bowie, and Gorillaz.

The page further points people to Mac trade-in options, and music-themed Today at Apple retail sessions.

It's not clear why the page is only live in the U.K. London is however home to many famous artists and recording studios, such as Abbey Road. Gaining the attention of the British music scene may be lucrative both directly and by influencing others worldwide.