Apple's iPad is the king of a declining European, Middle Eastern tablet market

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Apple's iPad regained the pole position in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) market during the March quarter, but people in that region are buying fewer tablets overall, according to new IDC research estimates.

Apple's shipments climbed year-over-year from 1.982 million to 2.314 million, pushing its markeshare from 18.28% to 23.95%, the firm observed on Thursday. The leader in Q1 2018, Samsung, saw its share slide from 23.02% to 22.89%.

Apple was boosted by last year's iPad launches including a new "budget" model and redesigned iPad Pros, IDC argued. Other tablet makers didn't come close to either Apple or Samsung in Q1 2019 — Huawei managed just a 10.81% share, while Lenovo and Amazon sat at 6.66% and 3.34% respectively.

The EMEA tablet space as a whole shrank 10.9% year-over-year to just 9.7 million units.

"Demand remains weak in the consumer segment as the lack of compelling reasons for consumers to refresh their tablets has slowed the pace of device renewals," IDC commented. The commercial segment "continues to consistently outperform the market average," but since it represents just a fifth of EMEA sales, its growth wasn't able to compensate for consumer decline.

The impact of Apple's new iPad Air and Mini models remains to be seen. Both products launched too late into the March quarter to make much of a difference.