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Scenes from WWDC 2019 — Apple's swag for attendees and the convention center

It's the eve of the World Wide Developers Conference and AppleInsider is on the ground! Today is the day that Apple pre-registers attendees, and hands out their swag bags, and we couldn't wait to show you what was in ours.

Apple has continued the longstanding tradition of giving out pins to convention attendees. Our set includes five magnetic pins, a sleek black Apple logo, a "hello" pin, a Tim Cook Memoji, a "Call me!" hand sign, and a mind-blown skull.

This year also includes a slick-looking reversible windbreaker-style jacket, one side a solid black and the other a vibrant red, covered in emoji, Memoji, and doodles. These jackets are also available in blue and orange.

Apple's WWDC workers, generally pulled from retail stores across the U.S., greet early registrants to the event.

A Valley Transit Authority train pulls up to the convention center, dropping off attendees who are eager to get a first look at what Apple has in store.

This year we're expecting to hear about iOS 13 which is likely to include a much anticipated dark mode and updated fitness features. WatchOS 6 will likely see new faces and complications, as well as a stand-alone App Store. We also may hear news on the Mac Pro.

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