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Apple's new Swift UI designed to help developers build better apps with less code

Apple's migration and evolution of Swift continues, with the company releasing the latest iteration of the technology in Swift UI.

Introducing the newest generation of Swift, Apple's Craig Federighi demonstrated how a hundred-line piece of code simplified down to about a dozen lines.

Xcode has a new interactive developer experience. A preview on a simulated device updates immediately, based on developer changes.

The new Swift UI uses graphical modules to drop in segments of code, adding the lines as it expands. Pull-down menus make parameter alternation simpler for developers.

A single click allows developers to shift to the simulator. Apps can be moved to actual hardware nearly instantly, with live edits in Xcode automatically migrated to the attached device.

Swift UI also integrated with other APIs, like ARKit. Automatic language optimization for left-to-right languages is included.

The new additions can be used across the entire run of Apple's platforms, including Apple TV, and the Apple Watch.

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