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'Sky: Children of the Light' now available to pre-order and will release on July 11

Sky: Children of the Light

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First shown in 2017 at Apple's iPhone X event, developer thatgamecompany's "Sky: Children of the Light" is now available for pre-order on the App Store and will be available to play on July 11.

Sky: Children of the Light was first announced in 2017 as a title that would be released exclusively the Apple TV, iPad, and iPhone in winter of that year. It was originally introduced at Apple's iPhone X event to demonstrate the use of Metal 2 and the A10X Fusion chip in the Apple TV 4K.

However, Sky has seemingly faced some development delays. This may be because the developer has expanded the amount of platforms it will be available on. Sky is coming to the iPhone and the iPad first, and will release later to tvOS, macOS, PC, and console.

Sky will feature multiplayer elements that enable players from around the world to socialize, as well as team up to take on more difficult challenges. Cooperative play has been a center of Sky's design since it was first unveiled.

According to the App Store, Sky will have seven realms for players to explore, feature customization options for the player's character, and will have seasonal events and later expansions.

Sky: Children of the Light will be a free-to-play release.