Australia's Women's Cricket Team uses Apple Watch to train

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Hoping to sell people on the Apple Watch's fitness uses, Apple on Monday highlighted the Australian Women's Cricket Team, which is using the wearable to its players.

Using an unnamed app, the team tracks and shares each player's activity, including statistics such as mood, sleep, heart rate and training load, Apple said. Coaches receive the data and can adjust training accordingly, analyzing it on an iPad.

The app was developed by the Australian Institute of Sport and is intended for teams beyond cricket as well.

Apple Watch cricket

Most anecdotal Apple Watch marketing has focused on the device's fall- and heart-related health features. Stories regularly appear of Watch alerts detecting heart arrhythmias, a potentially fatal condition.

The Watch (and other wearables) have quickly caught on with insurers and other businesses with a stake in health, since they offer more accurate activity tracking, including heart rate monitoring. Fitter people are often less of a financial burden, since while even the cheapest Apple Watch Series 4 starts at $399, that pales next to the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars it can cost in the U.S. for surgery or treatment of chronic conditions.


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