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Apple posts searchable transcripts for WWDC 2019 videos

Whether they missed out or need to be reminded of something, developers can now explore searchable video transcripts of Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference in June.

When going through the WWDC 2019 video library, developers can search by keyword and see all mentions of that term in a clip. As necessary they can jump to the times a keyword was said and share timestamped links with others.

Session videos are accessible to everyone, regardless of whether they're registered as an Apple developer. Some topics this year included accessibility, SwiftUI, Core ML 3 and more.

Securing a spot at WWDC can be difficult as demand normally outweighs room. Every year the company holds a lottery for the right to buy tickets, which in 2019 cost $1,599 apiece before any travel expenses. The benefit though is direct access to Apple experts, the ability to socialize with fellow developers, and in some cases the chance to try new hardware and software before anyone else.

Apple has provided transcribed and indexed versions of WWDC videos since 2015, a useful service that allows developers to easily search for specific talking points in a sea of information. Beyond a basic recap of what happened at WWDC, the videos provide developers a second chance to virtually attend sessions they might have missed during the week-long event.