Withings announces availability of ECG-taking BPM Core & updated BPM Connect

Withings BPM Core

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After a preview at CES 2019, Withings now has a release window for the BPM Core — which is capable of taking an ECG and detecting AFib — as well as an updated version of its popular classic Connect blood pressure monitor.

Withings' Core BPM is a combination device that is capable of measuring blood pressure, recording an ECG — similar to Apple Watch, and listening to the heart via a digital stethoscope. The ECG is able to help detect AFib and the digital stethoscope is able to detect weak heart valves.

Additionally, it has a colored LED matrix display that provides on-device readings. A metal cap on the end is used when performing the ECG and the entire suite of readings can be completed in 90 seconds.

The device has a integrated battery with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity so measurements can be taken from anywhere and synced to the HealthMate app.

Withings BPM Connect and BPM Core
Withings BPM Connect and BPM Core

The BPM Core is available now in Europe with the US to follow later this year, likely Q3, following approval from the FDA.

Alongside the BPM Core is an updated model of the BPM Connect. The new BPM Connect is available now for $99.95 and has a few enhancements from the previous generation including synchronization over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as well as an LED matrix display that allows readings to be taken without a smartphone.

AppleInsider went hands on with the Core BPM earlier this year at CES and was impressed with the design and capabilities of the device.