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Apple uploads four 'Shot on iPhone' ASMR videos to YouTube

Apple has released four Apple ASMR videos that were shot on the iPhone to its Apple YouTube channel, each focusing on different popular triggers.

Apple ASMR

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Often described by those who experience it as "the tingles," ASMR has become wildly popular on YouTube in recent years. Those who experience ASMR describe it as a tingling sensation that begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and spine.

Each video focuses on popular ASMR "triggers," or things that elicit that tingly feeling. All four videos feature high quality audio and video and are the newest installment in the Shot on iPhone series, following other recent features such as their recent short films about soccer and mother nature.

The first video focuses on whispering, a popular, though somewhat divisive, ASMR trigger. The video showcases Ghost Forest, a location on the beach of Neskowin, Oregon. The narrator whispers the history of Ghost Forest.

The second video features the sounds of woodworking. In the video, a woodworker planes, chisels, and stains a sheet of wood. Maker YouTube has seen an increase in audience growth alongside of the ASMR boom, especially channels that feature "shop sounds," so it's not surprising that Apple chose to highlight the sounds of woodworking.

The third video focuses on trail noises, or the sounds that hikers make while walking on different surfaces. The video showcases hikers walking on dirt trails in forests, on dry grass in fields, across sand dunes, and gravel trails.

Lastly, there's a video that focuses on one of the most popular ASMR genres —rainfall. Rainfall noise generators have been popular much longer than ASMR, and they're still a main cornerstone of the ASMR and white-noise genres. The video focuses on the sound of rain hitting a few different surfaces. First, the roof of a tent, then a mud puddle, an inflatable mattress, camp cookware, and finally a simple environmental shot where the rain falls upon the ground.