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Samsung trying to fight iMessage chat elitists with response graphic gallery

Sampling of Samsung's anti-iMessage response graphics

Samsung wants owners of its smartphones to know that they can respond to iPhone owners cutting them out of chats — but they may not want to use what Samsung has provided.

Samsung has published a series of animated GIF files on Giphy, all ostensibly usable to respond to iPhone users that give them grief because of a green Messages bar.

This was all born because Apple's Messages app handles messages from outside the ecosystem differently. All messages sent from an iOS device or Mac associated with an iCloud account get the blue bar, with other messaging services like SMS getting a green bar.

Group chats in iMessages can also misbehave or render strangely when dealing with SMS senders and recipients. Apple-specific graphics outside of Unicode-mandated emoji won't display well, if at all, on the Android devices, which can leave vital context out of chats.

Given that the Galaxy fold is almost $2000, they should probably reconsider the stack of cash one
Given that the Galaxy fold is almost $2000, Samsung should probably reconsider the stack of cash one

Samsung is aggressively pushing the gallery on Instagram, and trying to get social media traction for the initiative with the hashtag #GreenDontCare. It doesn't appear to be going that well at the moment.

The graphics posted on Giphy are universal, and come in white background and no background versions. Thanks to our tipster that "blessed" us with a few, we can confirm that all of the graphics render properly on Android clients, and in iMessages.

All of the graphics are hosted on Giphy. We'll spare you the bandwidth of the animated ones.