Apple releases two new iPhone 11 Pro ads to YouTube [u]

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Apple has released two brand new ads on YouTube highlighting big features of the iPhone 11 Pro.

The new ads aim to showcase both the new triple lens camera and the improved durability of the newly launched iPhone 11 Pro.

The first ad, called "It's tough out there," features a iPhone 11 Pro in a wind tunnel, facing an assault of every day items. The iPhone is pelted with everything from children's toys to raw produce, and eventually withstands being crushed by a five-tier wedding cake.

The iPhone 11 Pro is hosed off and then pelted again— this time with rubber duckies— and seems none the less worse for wear. The ad finishes with a title card reading "It's tough out there." The ad features "Dvolution" by Soondclub as it's audio track. Notably, this advertisement features an ending card promoting Verizon.

The second ad, simply called "Triple-camera system" takes place in the same wind tunnel as the first ad, but takes a different approach. A dog — likely an Afghan Hound — enters into the wind chamber. The iPhone 11 Pro is used to snap pictures of the dog as the wind blows its hair, showcasing the telephoto, wide, and ultra wide lenses. The ad also highlights the new low-light picture mode.

The ad features the song "Regular" by Ateph Elidja. Again, the advertisement features an end card that specifically promotes Verizon.

Update: Apple has also posted the "iPhone 11 Pro cinematic tests" short that debuted at Tuesday's keynote.


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