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Apple retracts two wrong specs on Titanium Apple Watch weight

When Apple announced Apple Watch Series 5 lineup at its September media event it caused confusion by advertising the titanium version as being lighter than the stainless steel model, but quoted both models as having the same weight on a tech specs page.

Apple had originally said that the titanium Apple Watch would be 45% lighter than the stainless version. At the same time, it said that titanium Apple Watch would weigh as much as stainless steel — with neither specification right. Apple has since updated the information with the correct weights, and has stricken percentages from marketing materials online.

The 44mm titanium Series 5 model weighs 35.1 grams, with the 44mm model weighing in at 41.7 grams, or roughly 13% lighter than the stainless steel models.

The ceramic Series 5 models weigh in at 39.7 grams for the 40mm model and 46.7 grams for the 44mm model, making them somewhat lighter than the ceramic Series 3 Apple Watches. The 40mm and 44mm Series 5 aluminum Apple Watch models weigh approximately the same as the Series 4 models, at 30.8 and 36.5 grams respectively.

Those who preordered the Apple Watch series 5 can expect it to show up on Friday, September 20, along with the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. Apple has also created a new Apple Watch Studio, giving users the chance to pair their Apple Watch with whatever band they like. Apple Watch Studio is available both at Apple's online store, as well as in retail locations.