PC component manufacturer clones new Mac Pro case

Left: Dune Pro PC Case, Right: Mac Pro

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The Dune Pro PC case has not only lifted the design of the Mac Pro's version, but also the presentation of the case itself, something which could call the attention of Apple's legal team.

The Dune Pro PC case looks undeniably like that of the Mac Pro. It boasts a nearly identical stainless steel frame, similar ventilation holes, two USB-C Ports at the top of the case, and it's made out of the same soft-finish aluminum.

While the holes on the default case don't look identical to that of the Mac Pro, Dune is selling a "sound dampening accessory" that looks more than a bit derivative.

Image credit: Dune
Image credit: Dune

It doesn't seem to feature the same entry method as the Mac Pro, though. The Mac Pro has a semi-circular handle between the handles of the stainless steel frame.

This handle can be lifted up and twisted a quarter turn, and used to raise the external casing up and off the Mac Pro. As for the Dune Case, it looks like you'll have to pop off the sides if you plan on getting to the internals.

Along with the tubular frame with handles and the flat feet, the case also features two USB 3.1 Type C ports on the top surface, albeit not in the same location as Apple's pair of ports. For the inside, while the Dune does not include support for the MPX Modules the Mac Pro uses, it does try to ape its thermal management credentials in its marketing, with Dune claiming the airflow will travel through from one end of the case to the other.

Additionally, the Dune Pro website seems to have lifted quite a bit of the Mac Pro's presentation as well. Their website is a sleek, gray-on-white presentation the case that feels very familiar, down to the image choices.

There is also an attempt to copy Apple's performance graph for components, but as the Dune case is just a case with no other PC parts included, it does so by claiming there's ample room for different types of high-performance processors, then includes a graph comparing their benchmark scores.

Left: Apple's Mac Pro page, Right: DuneCase.com
Left: Apple's Mac Pro page, Right: DuneCase.com

It's yet to be seen if Apple will have anything to say about the obvious copycat, though we wouldn't be surprised if Dune got handed a cease and desist. The Dune Case is set to launch its Kickstarter on October 21st.

This is not the only attempt Dune has made to copy the designs of Apple's Mac Pro cases. An earlier case was heavily inspired by the cylindrical Mac Pro, one that could accept a mini ITX motherboard.