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Apple Watch alerts YouTuber to potential tachycardia

Apple Watch monitoring heart rate during exercise. Joel Telling was not doing a workout when his Apple Watch Series 4 alerted him to an elevated heart rate

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Joel Telling, who presents the YouTube channel "3D Printing Nerd," went to the emergency room after his Apple Watch Series 4 alerted him to an elevated heart rate.

In a series of tweets, YouTuber Joel Telling has recounted how an alert on his Apple Watch Series 4 resulted in his going to the ER. The Watch's health systems displayed a high heart rate notification, indicating that his heart rate had risen abnormally during a period without apparent exercise.

"Last night was fun," he said on Twitter, explaining how he'd gone to hospital because he had a pulse over 120bpm. "This is because my Apple Watch notified me of an elevated heart rate. This little device I wear on my wrist is amazing."

This is not the first time that Apple Watch has detected such abnormal heart rates and alerted the user. In February 2019, a nurse was taken to hospital by colleagues following such an alert.

Then in March 2019, a man alerted to tachycardia, or elevated heart rate, went to hospital where he began receiving treatment.

In the new case of "3D Printing Nerd" YouTuber Joel Telling, the cause was identified after a few hours with further hospital tests.

"Thankfully," continued Telling, "tests showed no pulmonary embolism, and no irregular heart electrical activity. Most likely this is from stress and dehydration from recent travel. Very VERY thankful to hear that because after a few bags of fluids, pulse was down."

"If you take anything from this - be mindful of your health and pay attention to any warning signs," he concluded.