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New Apple iPhone 11 ads show off Slofies on a snowboard

iPhone 11 capturing a Slofie on a snowboard

Apple premiered two new iPhone 11 ads on Sunday, showing off the Slofie feature in the hands of a pro snowboarder.

Slow motion Selfies, or Slofies, are one of Apple's newest features on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. Capable of capturing slow motion video at 1080p and 120fps, the iPhone can help you get a bit more creative with your selfies.

The first spot is called "Whiteout" and shows a professional snowboarder crashing through a snow drift using the front facing camera's slow-mode feature.

The second video "Backflip" is the same snowboarder performing a backflip in slow motion.

Apple coined the term "Slofie" and has since used it in all of its marketing. While you might not find yourself on a snowboard or at the other end of a hairdryer, Slofies are a fun, if not silly, capability of the new iPhones.

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