Review: Nomad's new Moment Rugged Case mixes durable leather with photography

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Nomad has just launched an updated version of its popular Rugged case with an integrated Moment lens adapter which might be just right if you need more lenses for your iPhone photography.

Nomad quality

We already featured the latest Nomad cases in our round ups for iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Mac as well as for the iPhone 11. These new cases are quite similar, though they do have small differences.

Horween leather on the Nomad Rugged Case
Horween leather on the Nomad Rugged Case

Each case is wrapped in leather sourced from the Chicago-based Horween tannery — the oldest in the U.S. The leather is high quality and develops an outstanding patina the more you use the cases. We've used Nomad's products for extended periods of time and can vouch for how well they've aged so far.

Nomad's Rugged Case comes in black and brown
Nomad's Rugged Case comes in black and brown

Inside the case is a microfiber lining to help protect your phone. Each case is rated to withstand drops from up to six feet thanks to the rubber bumper around the outside.

At the bottom of the case are lanyard anchor points on either side of the speaker ports. Lanyards fade in and out of popularity and are currently on the upswing, and having one makes even more sense for a photography-centric case where you may be precariously holding your phone to get just the right shot.

Moment mounts

Moment has a wide range of photo cases that are great in their own regard, but none quite as nice as the Nomad models. Nomad launching the Moment line for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max means we didn't have to choose between a quality leather case and the Moment lens mount.

Moment's 18mm lens on the Nomad Rugged Case
Moment's 18mm lens on the Nomad Rugged Case

They've blended the two together, adding the Moment mount into the camera recess of the Nomad case. The mount is very strong to ensure your Moment glass isn't going anywhere.

The latest round of iPhones has three lenses; a wide-angle, an ultra-wide, and a tele lens. Moment's lenses are designed to fit the tele lens as well as the wide-angle lens. There isn't much a need to mount a lens on the ultra-wide.

Shooting images with the Nomad Rugged Case and a Moment lens
Shooting images with the Nomad Rugged Case and a Moment lens

If you aren't familiar with Moment lenses, they are premium photography and filmography lenses crafted from metal and glass. They mount to the Moment mount with a simple bayoneted system. Just put the lens into the case and rotate 90 degrees.

Should you buy the Nomad Moment Rugged Case?

The new Moment Rugged Cases from Nomad for iPhone 11
The new Moment Rugged Cases from Nomad for the 2019 iPhones

If you shoot a significant amount of photos on your iPhone, you should check out Moment's lenses. They really can add to your photographic chops and take your images to a new level. The lens sticking out means it's not exactly pocketable in all circumstances, but at least now you can have some level of stylish protection for your iPhone.


  • Premium Horween leather
  • Fits new iPhones and Pixel devices
  • Integrates Moment mount
  • Lanyard anchors
  • Six feet drop protection


  • No "Active leather" option

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Where to buy

The new Nomad Rugged Moment case is available now for $49.95 from Nomad's website. You can pick up lenses from Moment's website.

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