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Roundup: Hands on with the best cases for iPhone 11 Pro

Apple customers picking up the latest iPhone models usually want to protect their purchases as much as possible. We've put together a list of dozens of iPhone 11 Pro cases that offer protection and a wide variety of extra features that you may want to acquire for your new smartphone.

iPhone 11 Pro cases

This running list was updated on May 4th, 2020 with the UAG Plasma case.


We already looked at the popular Monarch case (see below) for the iPhone 11 Pro but the Plasma also continues to be a lightweight and popular alternative. It comes in a huge array of colorways and keeps your iPhone light while offering reliable protection. Like other UAG cases, it meets military drop-test standards [MIL STD 810G 516.6] and has a two-part construction with shock-absorbing edges and corners with a lightweight back panel.

UAG Plasma case in colbolt
UAG Plasma case in colbolt

UAG has great buttons on this case that are very responsive, making it easy to depress the volume rockers as well as the sleep/wake button without issue. The rubber bumper is fairly substantial so making sure the buttons were easily depressable was a solid choice.

It works with wireless charging and has easy access to all ports.

The UAG Plasma case can be picked up on Amazon in 13 (!!!) different color schemes, including the stunning colbolt color seen above. They retail for around $30 though there is some variance based on color choice.



The Gripzilla is a heavy-duty case with grooved sides to offer a high level of grip, as the name suggests. Using a thick protective shell to absorb the impact from a drop from reaching the iPhone, the same shell also uses a raised edge, which can help keep the screen from being scratched on a surface.

Offered in black, mint green and a patterned floral option, Gripzilla is on sale from Smartish on Amazon for $19.99 for the first two colors, $24.99 for the pattern.

Wallet Slayer

Offered in two versions, the Wallet Slayer adds storage for cards and cash into the rear of the case, with both Volume 1 and 2 able to hold three debit or credit cards, but the Volume 2 also adds the option of using a card as a kickstand for impromptu video watching. Both versions also include high-grip textured sides to minimize slips.

The Wallet Slayer is sold from Smartish in a choice of black, purple, blue, and patterned variants, priced from $14.99 for Volume 1, and from $24.99 for Volume 2.

Kung Fu Grip

Smartish iPhone 11 Pro cases
Smartish Kung Fu Grip (center) with Grip Zilla (left) and Wallet Slayer (right)

A slimline case for the iPhone 11 Pro, the Kung Fu Grip is said to offer "just the right amount of grip" on the sides. The thin and light case is also durable, and includes air pocket corners to help cushion the blow from impacts.

The Kung Fu Grip is available from Smartish on Amazon in black, purple, blue, clear, and patterned variants, priced from $11.99.

Dancing Queen

A crossbody wallet case, Dancing Queen is able to hold five cards and cash in its openable wallet section at the back of the case. The case is also supplied with an adjustable crossbody strap, allowing it to be worn on a shoulder, with the strap attaching by two clips.

Offered in black and gold, black and silver, and blue, Smartish is selling the Dancing Queen for $29.99.


Twelve South BookBook
Twelve South BookBook

The "Volume 2" edition of the popular iPhone case line, the BookBook follows the same route as before in appearing like a leather-bound book that happens to hold an iPhone, as well as a selection of credit and debit cards. New for 2019 is an updated spine design, as well as an altered case mechanism where the iPhone is placed into a slimline case, which in turn is held in the BookBook shell by magnets.

Sold from Twelve South directly or on in brown and black leather options, BookBook Volume 2 costs $69.99.


Mujjo premium leahter cases for iPhone 11 Pro
Mujjo premium leather cases for iPhone 11 Pro

Leather case and Wallet Leather Case

The full leather case is a slimline construction made with full-grain leather that is claimed to be co-developed to "get more beautiful with wear." The simple design offers protection from bumps and knocks, while providing a premium appearance. The Mujjo leather case sells for $44.95 on Amazon.

For those wanting more utility, the Wallet Leather Case adds a pouch on the back for storing cards with the iPhone. This alternate version costs $49.95 on Amazon.

All cases are offered in tan, black, Monaco blue, and alpine green color options.

Element Case


Element Case Rally for iPhone 11 Pro
Element Case Rally for iPhone 11 Pro

A tough case named after off-road racing, the Rally is a lightweight case that is designed to meet military specification drop tests, with "Dropshock" corners to absorb impacts, grippy edges, and a bezel design to keep the iPhone off a surface. It also uses a self-repairing clear polycarbonate shell, allowing the iPhone and the protective frame to be in full view.

Offered in red, black, and clear options, the Rally case costs $39.95 from Element Case on Amazon.


Holographic Leather

The Holographic Leather case is a shiny model, taking the form of a crushed holographic PU leather on the back with a lighter-colored surround. Using raised shock-absorbent sides, it also includes a scratch resistant protective coating, and is claimed to survive drops of up to 10 foot.

Sonix through Amazon is selling the Holographic Leather case for $35.

Tres Case Crossbody

A three-in-one case, the Tres Case Crossbody has a rear wallet for storing up to three cards held in place with a magnetic flap, and uses a 3M adhesive backing to hold the iPhone in place. A detachable strap is also supplied, allowing it to be worn like a purse.

Offered in black vegan leather as well as PU leather in neon green and gray python, Sonix is selling the case for $50.


Accent Wallet

BodyGuardz Accent Wallet for iPhone 11 Pro
BodyGuardz Accent Wallet for iPhone 11 Pro

A genuine leather case with a low-profile 2-card pocket on the rear, the Accent Wallet boasts a removable wrist strap, wireless charging compatibility, and the use of TriCore. A system of three layers of protection, it uses an Unequal material to absorb shocks, a rigid torsion plate, and a reinforced bumper.

Offered in black and blue options from BodyGuardz on Amazon, the Accent Wallet retails for $59.95, but it is currently on sale from $54.95.

Ace Pro

BodyGuardz Ace Pro for iPhone 11 Pro
BodyGuardz Ace Pro for iPhone 11 Pro

Made from a flexible TPU material, the Ace Pro has a soft and rubbery texture, a raised bezel for screen protection, and Unequal technology protection for shock and impact.

Offered in clear and transparent color options, BodyGuardz sells the Ace Pro for $34.95.


BodyGuardz Momentum case for iPhone 11 Pro
BodyGuardz Momentum case for iPhone 11 Pro

Inspired by running shoes, the Momentum case has a ridged back cover and uses lightweight materials to provide as much protection as possible without adding bulk. Protected using the firm's TriCore system of Unequal shock absorbing material, a reinforced bumper, and a grippy exterior, the case also includes a removable wrist strap for added security.

Available in black or green, the Momentum case is on sale from BodyGuardz on Amazon for $44.95.


Mod NX

RhinoShield ModNX modular case and bumper
RhinoShield ModNX modular case and bumper

A modular case, allowing users to personalize the case to their desired colors and needs, the Mod NX can have individual elements switched out and replaced with others, depending on the owner's whims. Cases include a rim or back panel, a bumper, and buttons, with each offered in a variety of colors.

Offered in a large number of configurations from Rhino Shield, the cases start from $31.99, with select options also available on Amazon for $29.99.

Solid Suit

RhinoShield Solid Suit cases for iPhone 11 Pro
RhinoShield Solid Suit cases for iPhone 11 Pro

Made from a single-piece construction for easy installation, the Solid Suit is made from a tough polycarbonate body with a variety of back materials, all designed to help protect the iPhone from drops and knocks. Along with eight case styles, there are also a large number of button choices, and even a button bundle pack for users to freely update its appearance.

The RhinoShield Solid Suit starts from $29.99 on Amazon.



The Casery Agate cases for iPhone 11 Pro
The Casery Agate cases for iPhone 11 Pro

The Casery Agate lineup consists of a clear hardshell case with a soft impact-absorbing layer in a slim profile, one that has been drop-tested to meet MIL-STD-810G. The back of the case is partially transparent, with part of the design having the appearance of a sliced geode, ideal for geologists and those who like shiny minerals.

The range, which includes black and gold, dark blue, light purple, jasper, pink and blue, cranberry, siren, and dusty options, is offered by Casery through Amazon for $32.


Defense Shield

X-Doria Shield cases for iPhone 11 Pro
X-Doria Shield (left) and Tactile (center and right) cases for iPhone 11 Pro

A drop-resistant and heavy-duty case capable of surviving drops onto concrete from ten feet. Protected by a machined aluminum alloy frame on the edges with an anodized finish and a clear polycarbonate back panel, the case also includes an integrated sound channel to amplify the bottom speaker, by redirecting it to the front of the case.

Offered in iridescent, red, purple, black, and rose gold options, the Defense Shield is on sale on Amazon for $29.95.

Defense Tactical

Offering a similar level of drop protection as the Shield, the Defense Tactical opts for an anodized aluminum metal guard, hard polycarbonate, and a textured soft rubber in its construction to protect the iPhone. It too has the sound channel to redirect speaker audio, and a raised area for the camera bump to protect the lenses.

Available in teal, red, gray, and black, the Defense Tactical case is sold from the manufacturer on Amazon for $29.95.


Presidio Grip

Speck cases for iPhone 11 Pro
Speck cases for iPhone 11 Pro

A protective and slim case, the Presidio Grip has raised rubber ridges on the sides and back to offer enhanced grip, while its case is claimed to protect an iPhone from a 13-foot drop. Furthermore, the case includes Microban antimicrobial protection, helping prevent the transmitting of germs by carrying the case around.

Offered in five different styles, Speck sells the Presidio Grip for $39.95.


Limitless 3.0

Mous Limitless 3 for iPhone 11 Pro
Mous Limitless 3.0 for iPhone 11 Pro

The slimline Limitless 3.0 touts superior protection despite its tiny size, with its impact-absorbing AiroShock technology combined with polycarbonate and TPU construction designed to keep the iPhone safe. The case also includes embedded magnets to automatically attach and align a range of accessories that can be acquired along with the case, such as the rear card wallet or the flip wallet.

The case, without accessories, is offered in aramid fiber, bamboo, black leather, white leather, and walnut styles, and is sold by Mous starting at $49.99, or on Amazon starting at $59.99.


Stand Case

Torro wallet case for iPhone 11 Pro
Torro wallet case for iPhone 11 Pro

The Torro Stand Case is a folio-style case with three card slots and space for cash on the cover, made from genuine leather. The case is made with a silicone internal frame and a microfiber interior to protect the iPhone, while the cover not only protects the screen and holds a wallet's contents, but it also acts as a stand.

The Stand Case can be acquired from Torro on Amazon for $35, in a selection of five different styles.


Assorted cases

Casetify customized iPhone 11 pro case
Casetify customized iPhone 11 pro case

Casetify specializes in providing customized cases, with users able to select from a wide array of colors and styles for various elements. Customers can also customize the case with text in different styles and layouts, to make their device extremely unique.

The cases vary in cost depending on the style, ranging from $29 for the Snap case from the Casetify website, rising to $59 for the Ultra impact case.


Leather Case Original

Alto Italian leather iPhone 11 Pro case
Alto Italian leather iPhone 11 Pro case

Adding a thickness of half a millimeter to the iPhone 11 Pro, the Leather Case Original from Alto uses a top-quality aniline leather, which will develop a unique patina over time. The case offers cladding in three edges for protection, as well as a hard PC shell with a superfine fiber lining to cushion the iPhone.

Alto sells the Leather Case original in a number of colors for $59, with laser engraving available for an extra $10.


Active Rugged

Nomad Active Rugged iPhone 11 Pro case
Nomad Active Rugged iPhone 11 Pro case

A minimalist case using hydrophobic leather, the Nomad Active Rugged repels water from its Black Heinen leather. Using a polycarbonate body bonded to a raised TPE bumper on the edge, it is claimed to protect from 6 foot drops, and also includes dual lanyard attachment points, though one is not included.

The Active Rugged case is sold in black and mocha colors for $49.95 from Nomad directly.

Rugged Folio

Nomad Rugged Folio iPhone 11 Pro case
Nomad Rugged Folio iPhone 11 Pro case

Using rustic Horween leather from the United States, the Rugged Folio offers the same drop protection as the Active Rugged via a similar construction, but it includes a cover element that adds three card slots and one cash slot for storage.

Nomad sells the Rugged Folio on Amazon for $69.95 in brown and black options.

Rugged Case

Nomad Rugged iPhone 11 Pro case
Nomad Rugged iPhone 11 Pro case

Combining rustic Horween leather, a polycarbonate body, and a raised TPE bumper, the Rugged Case is designed to provide protection but also to showcase the rigors of everyday life, with the leather developing a patina over time. The case also includes reinforced speaker ports, and is Qi wireless compatible.

Nomad on Amazon is selling the Rugged Case for $49.95.

Case Mate

Tough Neon, Karat Pearl, and Tough Groove

Case-mate iPhone 11 Pro Karat Pearl case
Case-mate iPhone 11 Pro Karat Pearl case

The three cases featured all have an ultra-slim design with flexible grip sides, 10-foot drop protection to military strength thanks to a shock-absorbing bumper, an anti-scratch coating, wireless charging capabilities, and a lifetime warranty.

The Tough Groove includes a grooved back design that is reminiscent of some hard-wearing suitcases. The Tough Neon is a translucent case that uses bold, striking colors. Lastly, the Karat Pearl features genuine mother of pearl elements encased in clear resin.

The Tough Groove and Tough Neon are currently on sale on Amazon for $32, while the Karat Pearl is marked down to $39.99 at press time.

Invisible Shield

InvisibleShield Glass Elite Visionguard screen protector
InvisibleShield Glass Elite Visionguard+ screen protector

Glass Elite screen protectors

While not directly cases, the Invisible Shield line of screen protectors can help keep the iPhone's display as nice as possible.

The range starts with the Glass Elite for $34.99, which features reinforced edges and corners, a ClearPrint oil diffusion technology to eliminate fingerprints, and a simple application process. Glass Elite Anti-Glare offers the same features but with a matte finish for $44.99.

Glass Elite Privacy for $44.99 adds a privacy filter to the equation, with the two-way filter minimizes anyone being able to see the screen from the side. Lastly, Glass Elite VisionGuard+ for $44.99, currently on sale off $49.99 retail, includes anti-microbial technology to minimize germs as well as high-energy visible light filtering.

Spigen EZ Fit is an easy-fit screen protection system that uses a dedicated tray to make sure the protector is placed and aligned in just the right position. The protector is made from 9H tempered glass, with an oleophobic coating for reducing fingerprint residue.

Spigen sells the EZ Fit system for $10.99 on Amazon.

Ultra Hybrid

A clear crystal frame, the Ultra Hybrid is a single-piece case that has a rigid back and soft sides. Offering mil-grade certified protection with its air cushion technology, the case is slimline and grip-friendly, and is also compatible with wireless charging.

The Ultra Hybrid case is priced from $12.99 from Spigen on Amazon.

Tough Armor

Spigen Tough Armor case for iPhone 11 Pro
Spigen Tough Armor case for iPhone 11 Pro

Produced from PC, TPU, and impact foam, the dual-layer body case of Tough Armor combines a flexible interior with a durable exterior. The impact foam combined with the firm's air cushion technology helps protect against impacts, making it quite a hard-wearing case.

Spigen on Amazon sells the Tough Armor case for $16.99 to $17.99 in a choice of four colors.

Liquid Air

A slimline case, Liquid Air is a simple case made from one layer, with a grippy back and sides. Made from flexible and shock-absorbent TPU, the case can be easily placed on an iPhone and removed at will, and at a low cost of $14.99 from Spigen directly.



LifeProof Next case for iPhone 11 Pro
LifeProof Next case for iPhone 11 Pro

A transparent-backed case with a colored perimeter, the minimalist Next case is said to be drop, dirt, and snow-proof, with a port plug to block debris from getting into the iPhone's outlets. Able to survive a two-meter drop, the case uses a two-piece construction, while still keeping the finish of the iPhone on display at the rear.

The Next case is available in five color options, priced at $80.99 from LifeProof's website.


LifeProof Slam case for iPhone 11 Pro
LifeProof Slam case for iPhone 11 Pro

Similar in construction to Next, the Slam case uses a one-piece design that offers the same 6.6 feet of drop protection in the company's thinnest case. Along with the clear-backed version, there are more brightly-colored variants, including neon solid colors and patterns, which can help make the user's iPhone stand out.

LifeProof sells the Slam case for $40.99.



Otterbox Symmetry iPhone 11 Pro case
Otterbox Symmetry iPhone 11 Pro case

Seemingly a simple case, the Symmetry series is made from synthetic rubber and polycarbonate for protection, complete with a raised bumper to keep the screen safe. The slimline case also has an ultra-slim profile, and a "precision design" to ensure the buttons and switches work just as the user expects.

The Symmetry series, which includes 11 variants, retails for $49.95, but is currently on sale for $39.99 on Amazon.

Otter + Pop Symmetry

Otter + Pop Symmetry iPhone 11 Pro case
Otter + Pop Symmetry iPhone 11 Pro case

The same core case construction as the normal Symmetry series, the Otter + Pop edition adds an extra element on the back that allows it to work with the PopSockets PopGrip, an easily removable grip to make holding the iPhone securely one-handed as simple as possible.

Available in seven varieties, the Otter + Pop Symmetry case retails for $60.95 from OtterBox directly.


Otterbox Defender iPhone 11 Pro case
Otterbox Defender iPhone 11 Pro case

Made from a polycarbonate shell with a synthetic rubber slipcover and a polycarbonate holster, the Defender is built to be as rugged as possible. Using port covers to prevent clogging, the holster also functions as a swiveling belt clip, and can act as a hands-free kickstand.

Offered in six color combinations, the Defender series of cases starts at $39.99 each at Amazon.

Strada Series

Otterbox Strada Folio iPhone 11 Pro case
Otterbox Strada Folio iPhone 11 Pro case

The folio case is a leather portfolio that protects the screen with a wallet-containing cover, one that can lock in place with a magnetic latch. Featuring a polycarbonate shell, the case offers OtterBox's certified Drop+ protection, while still remaining slim and pocket-friendly.

Available in espresso brown and shadow black, the Strada folio case is on sale from $42.29 (40% off) at Amazon.


Survivor Endurance

Griffin iPhone Endurance case
Griffin iPhone Endurance case

The Survivor Endurance uses a proprietary FortiCore technology to provide sock absorption at the bumper, including up to 11 foot drops. With textured covers on the buttons and a pebbled texture on the sides for grip, the case is claimed to still be extremely thin and "practically weightless" while still protective.

Available in black and green or black and yellow options, the Survivor Endurance costs $34.99 from Griffin on Amazon.

Survivor Strong

Griffin iPhone Strong case
Griffin iPhone Strong case

Capable of withstanding 10-foot drops thanks to its FortiCore technology, the Survivor Strong includes a UV coating that defends against scratches, a slim tapered design for comfort, and a grippy exterior. Griffin sells the Survivor Strong for $24.99.



Incipipo Aerolite iPhone 11 Pro case
Incipipo Aerolite iPhone 11 Pro case

Protected with FortiCore to absorb impact from 11-foot drops, the Aerolite uses a lightweight flexible shell with a smooth exterior, with interior ribbing used to provide cushioning and a light rippled pattern on the back for grip. Offered in black, clear, and sea blue colors, the Aerolite case costs $39.99 from Incipio on Amazon.

NGP Pure

Incipipo NGP Pure iPhone 11 Pro case
Incipipo NGP Pure iPhone 11 Pro case

The NGP Pure uses a shock-absorbing polymer shell that is stretch and tear-resistant, but capable of providing five feet of drop protection. Using a wrap-around design, the case has a smooth exterior, wide port openings, and tactile button covers that protect while still allowing access.

Offered in black, clear, red, blue heaven, and sea blue colors, Incipio's NGP Pure is available for $19.99.


Incipipo Dual Pro iPhone 11 Pro case
Incipipo Dual Pro iPhone 11 Pro case

A combination case that uses a scratch-resistant rigid polycarbonate outer shell with a shock-absorbing inner core, the DualPro offers military-grade drop protection of up to 10 feet, while still allowing access to all of the phone's ports and buttons. It also has a raised bezel, preventing screen scratching by raising the iPhone off a surface when placed display-side down.

Incipio on Amazon sells the DualPro for $29.99 in a choice of five color options.


Thin Case

Totallee iPhone 11 Pro thin case
Totallee iPhone 11 Pro thin case

Measuring 0.02 inches thin and a tenth of an ounce in weight, the Totallee Thin Case is a simple layer of protection for the iPhone. Covering all corners of the iPhone and the back, complete with a camera lip, the case prides itself in offering no company branding at all, making it as relatively anonymous as cases can get.

The standard versions, including transparent, frosted, and colored variants, cost $29 from Totallee through Amazon, with a leather option also available for $39.



Gear4 Diamond Battersea iPhone 11 Pro case
Gear4 Diamond Battersea iPhone 11 Pro case

The hardback Battersea case features D3O in the frame and backplate for impact protection, enabling devices to survive calls of up to 16 feet. The slim design also includes enhanced back protection, wireless charging compatibility, easy access to all ports, and a soft-touch finish.

Offered in black and pink options, the Gear4 Battersea case is $49.99 from Amazon.


Completely protected on the sides and back with D3O for impact protection, making it drop resistant to 13 feet, the Holborn case has a polycarbonate back with additional D3O, edge-to-edge protection with more D3O in the rim of the case, and a soft-touch case.

Zagg sells the Holborn case for $44.99 in a choice of black, lilac, and burgundy colors.



Moshi Overture removable leather wallet case for iPhone 11 Pro
Moshi Overture removable leather wallet case for iPhone 11 Pro

A premium two-in-one case and magnetic wallet, Overture features two card slots and a full-length pocket for cash or receipts. Attaching to the iPhone cover using magnets, and also compatible with Moshi's SnapTo series of magnetic mounts, the case is also produced from vegan leather, and is non-toxic and BPA-free.

The Overture case is available from Moshi directly or on Amazon for $44.95.


Moshi Altra iPhone 11 Pro case with lanyard
Moshi Altra iPhone 11 Pro case with lanyard

A slimline case with a detachable wrist strap, enhancing its security and making it harder to lose, the Altra can be used with longer straps to wear around the user's neck or across their body. The case includes a water-repellent coating and a textured finish for added grip, soft-touch buttons and a raised bezel, as well as MIL-STD-810G drop certification.

Moshi sells the Altra for $44.95 through its direct website and on Amazon.


Moshi Vitros iPhone 11 Pro case
Moshi Vitros iPhone 11 Pro case

Created from a clear and flexible polymer for easy installation, Vitros offers miltary-grade drop protection. As a clear case, it uses MicroGrid technology to prevent the appearance of water marks and the rainbow effect that usually appears on other clear cases, as well as featuring a metallized frame to enhance the edge of the device.

The Vitros case range is sold by Moshi for $24.95, which select color options also available on Amazon.


A screen protector, IonGlass is stronger than tempered glass and offers edge-to-edge protection, an oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprints and smudges, and is also 40% thinner than generic glass screen protectors, minimizing its impact on the iPhone's thickness. Moshi sells IonGlass for $34.95.



Snakehive wallet iPhone 11 Pro case
Snakehive wallet iPhone 11 Pro case

The Snakehive Leather Wallet is made from European full-grain cowhide nubuck leather, and features three credit card slots on the inside, along with a compartment for notes. The inner is made from a smooth soft leather to protect from scratches, as well as a coated plastic holder.

Available in six color options, the Snakehive Leather Wallet costs $36.99.


Caudabe Sheath (laying down) and Synthesis (standing up) cases for iPhone 11 Pro
Caudabe Sheath (laying down) and Synthesis (standing up) cases for iPhone 11 Pro


A minimalist case, the Sheath is made from ShockLite, a gel-like flexible polymer to help protect from drops of 6.6 feet by cushioning the iPhone. Covered with a micro-etched matte texture for grip and a soft feel, the case includes a thicker reinforced wall around the charging port to reduce wear over time, and a raised section around the camera bump.

The Sheath case is available from Caudabe for $24.95 in black or gray.


Caudabe's most protective case, the Synthesis uses a ShockLite perimeter for flexibility combined with a sturdy hard-back shell to make it more rugged. To enhance grip, a laser-etched diamond pattern is provided on both sides, while corner bumps raise the iPhone's back to protect the camera.

The Synthesis is sold by Caudabe for $29.95 in a choice of black or gray.



QuadLock iPhone 11 Pro case
QuadLock iPhone 11 Pro case

The QuadLock case revolves around the dual-stage locking system, that is used to attach the iPhone case to various mounts, enough to lift up to 150 pounds. The case itself is made from a polycarbonate core with an impact-absorbing TPU edge-to-edge outer shell for protection, when it isn't mounted to anything.

The case on its own is $29.95 from QuadLock directly.

Desk Mount Kit

Quad Lock Desk Mount Kit
QuadLock desk stand

Key to the system for this case is the assortment of mounts you can attach it to, with the Desk Mount Kit for $79.90 being an obvious example. Featuring a nano suction base to hold it to a table, the stand holds the iPhone at an optimal angle of the user's choosing, while the wireless charging head recharges the device.


York 360 Degree Leather Snap On

QuadLock desk stand
Burkley York 360 Degree

A full grain leather case with a lightweight frame, the York 360 Degree features an ultra thin polycarbonate backbone for strength, with added padding in the back to provide a softer feel in the hand. The standard case is sold by Burkley for $29, with paid personalization options for monogramming, laser engraving, and adding a tempered glass screen protector.



Pitaka MagCase for iPhone 11 Pro
Pitaka MagCase for iPhone 11 Pro

Produced from aramid, a material used for body armor that is claimed to be five times stronger than steel, the MagCase is a scratch-resistant covering that is also fingerprint resistant and fire resistant, as well as weighing just 14 grams overall. Inside the case are metal plates, which can allow the case to attach to the Pitaka magnetic car mount.

Pitaka on Amazon sells the MagCase for $49.99.



UAG Monarch iPhone 11 Pro case
UAG Monarch (standing up) and Pathfinder (lying down)

Packing five layers of protection, the Monarch Series case meets double the military standard for drop and shock protection, via its use of a strong external frame and a soft impact-resistant core and traction grip. The alloy metal hardware and top grain leather are joined by oversized tactile buttons, as well as a protective screen surround.

Offered in black, crimson, and carbon fiber options, the Monarch case costs $59.95 from UAG through Amazon.


A more cost-efficient design than the Monarch, the Pathfinder features an armor shell and impact-resistant soft core, oversized tactile buttons and easy access to ports, and scratch-resistant skid pads for extra grip on slippery surfaces. While not doubling them, the case does meet military drop test standards.

B&H is selling the Urban Armor Gear Pathfinder case for $34.95, with additional colors available from UAG directly.


Pure Shimmer

Tech21 PureShimmer case
Tech21 PureShimmer case

The thin case has a colored back but with a difference, in that the case has a built-in shimmering effect when looked at from different angles. Produced from a 37% plant-based material with a self-healing finish, the case is able to protect from drops of up to 10 feet, as well as offering antimicrobial protection to make the iPhone less of a carrier of germs.

Amazon sells the Tech21 Pure Shimmer priced at $39.99.


A screen protector for the iPhone, the clear and responsive ImpactGlass is tough enough to handle repeated drops, is scratch-resistant, and easy to apply using its supplied precise-align applicator. Amazon sells the protector for $34.99.



Grip2U shell
Grip2U shell

Featuring the Prevent The Drop grip design, the Slim snap-on case features an interchangeable grip band on the back, which can help users keep the iPhone in their hands for longer. Wireless charging-compatible, the ultra thin case includes deformable buttons to the side, access to the ports, and a raised section to protect the camera bump.

Offered in six colors, the Slim case sells for $24.99 from Grip2U on Amazon.


ArmadilloTek iPhone 11 Pro rugged case
ArmadilloTek iPhone 11 Pro rugged case


Meeting double the military standad for drop and shock protection, the case has three layers of protection including a shock-absorbent TPU combined with an impact-resistant thermal plastic hard shell, an inner honeycomb design, and reinforced corners. The case also includes a kickstand, tactile buttons, and dust-proof plug-in elements.

The Vanguard series is available in black, blue, and orange, and is priced from $18.98 on Amazon.


iPulse iPhone 11 Pro wallet case
iPulse iPhone 11 Pro wallet case

Leather Wallet case

Handcrafted from premium leather, the wallet case has two credit card slots, a visible ID slot, and a cash pocket section, as well as a built-in kickstand feature. The case itself is made from a single piece of Italian full grain leather, and uses a TPU cradle to hold the phone and provide drop protection.

The iPulse Leather Wallet case is sold via Amazon for $29.98.