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Selected Apple Stores launch 'iPhone can do whaaaat?' display

The new interactive iPhone promotion in selected Apple Stores

Apple has added an interactive wall of 20 iPhones to certain Stores, each phone showing a different feature of the hardware and of iOS.

A year on from its launch of a web page called "iPhone can do whaaaat?," Apple has introduced the idea to a small number of Apple Stores. The in-store version is a wall mounted with 20 iPhones, each one of which displays information to do with features such as privacy, water resistance and more.

The 20 phones each start by displaying a brief explanatory sentence, followed by words such as "swipe," "tap," or "scroll." When the user does that, they see more details and a visual demonstration of the iPhone feature.

Among the features Apple is promoting are ones to do with Apple Pay and Find My. "Send money as easily as a message," says one, while another reads: "Lost it? Find it with the Find My app."

While each iPhone covers a separate feature, and users can tap or swipe on any of the 20 in any sequence, by default they are all synchronised. Just as Macs and iPads in Apple Stores will revert back to a pre-programmed video loop, so these phones will present animated details when not being used.

The phones are arranged with wide spacing to allow customers to easily examine one with out jostling. The dark gray wall has the phones grouped into three lines, and the whole display is inset within a large portrait-style wooden frame.

The new in-store display follows a year on from Apple's online equivalent
The new in-store display follows a year on from Apple's online equivalent

At the base of the frame, there's a QR code. Reading that on an iOS device will take the user to Apple's equivalent online page for even more details.