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New video shows what the iPad Pro's LIDAR scanner is capable of

Apple has included a LiDAR scanner on the back of the 2020 iPad Pro

A new demonstration video has surfaced, showing how the new iPad Pro, with the help of its powerful new LIDAR scanner, can incorporate itself into the real world.

Apple on Wednesday unveiled two new iPad Pro models that come equipped with a LiDAR Scanner, which will offer major improvements to ARKit and photography.

Now, a new video has emerged, highlighting all the incredible things made possible by the new LIDAR scanner. In one clip, a user uses the LIDAR scanner and the Complete Anatomy app to measure the range of motion in someone's arm in real-time.

Another clip shows how with an iPad Pro and a bit of free space, a user could turn their living room into an immersive game of Hot Lava.

The Shapr3D app shows how the iPad Pro can scan a room and convert it into an accurate 3D model, which then can be edited and placed back into the AR space. It also shows off an improved AR-based retail experience, as a user utilizes the Ikea Place app to pick out furniture for their home.

The pair of 2020 iPad Pro models and the new Magic Keyboard with Trackpad will launch on March 24, with pre-orders in process now. Broader mouse and trackpad support are coming in iPadOS 13.4, which arrives on March 24 as well.