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Close your Apple Watch stand rings on June 5 to earn the World Environment Day badge

Apple's next Apple Watch activity challenge kicks off on June 5, encouraging users to get up and get active throughout their day.

World Environment Day is an international day that encourages worldwide awareness and action to protect the environment.

To celebrate, Apple is encouraging Apple Watch wearers to close their Stand Ring by getting up and moving around for at least one minute per hour for twelve hours on June 5. You can preview the award in the Activity app on your iPhone.

Apple routinely encourages users to get active through fun challenges that often are centered around a holiday or a day of awareness.

For Thanksgiving 2019, Apple awarded those who completed a 5-kilometer workout with a turkey-themed badge — a wink and a nod to annual Turkey Trots. Apple also commemorated Heart Month with a week-long challenge, encouraging users to close their Exercise Ring seven days in a row.