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Peloton Bike+ coming soon, with Apple GymKit support

The Peloton Bike+

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Peloton, the maker of remote-workout integrated exercise equipment, has just announced the all-new Peloton Bike+, which will easily pair with Apple Watch through GymKit.

The new Peloton Bike will include a 23.8-inch rotating HD touchscreen, allowing users to transition between cycling and Peloton's floor-based workouts easily. An updated four-speaker sound system allows for better sound quality.

The Peloton Bike+ will also support GymKit, allowing users to pair their Apple Watch to the bike to keep metrics in sync and allow for more accurate health tracking.

A new setting, dubbed "auto-follow," will allow users to have the Peloton Bike+ automatically adjust resistance within the Target Metrics, helping users to make the most of their workout.

The Peloton Bike+ will be available on September 9 for $2,495. Those who own an original Peloton Bike can trade in a working unit for a $700 credit toward their purchase. The All-Access Membership, which includes guided instructor courses, is $39 per month.

The all new Peloton Tread
The all new Peloton Tread

Peloton also switched up their Peloton Tread line— the original Peloton Tread has been renamed to the Peloton Tread+. The company will be releasing a new, budget-friendly model, titled the Peloton Tread, at a lower price point.

The Peloton Tread features a 23.8-inch touch screen, a smaller tread base that fits into smaller rooms with less effort, and a redesigned running platform to make for easier training.

The new Peloton Tread will release in early 2021 and will launch at $2,495. Like other Peloton products, the All-Access membership is $39 per month.