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Nomad launches new Rugged Strap to coincide with new Apple Watch models

Nomad's new Rugged Strap

Just as Apple announces a new generation of Apple Watch, Nomad is out with an upgraded version of its popular Rugged Strap with an improved design.

The new Nomad Rugged Strap is made from a strong FKM fluoroelastomer that balances durability with comfort. It is a sleek black color with either black or silver custom stainless steel lugs.

Nomad's new Rugged Strap
Nomad's new Rugged Strap

There is a thin slotted pattern on the top of the band and breathable ribbed grooves on the underside. Nomad touts that FKM is able to resist high temperatures, sunlight, and chemicals while also repelling oils so it can be wiped clean after any outing.

Nomad's new Rugged Strap can be ordered now from Nomad for $49.95.